Leftists Practically Foam At The Mouth Because A Conservative Dares To Speak At An Ohio College

Around 200 protestors marched outside of Galbreath Chapel at Ohio University to protest right to work laws and a National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation speaker who gave a speech at campus on Monday, September 16, 2019.

The protest came in response to Ohio University scheduling William Messenger, staff attorney at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, as a campus speaker.

Based on the protest’s event on Facebook,having someone like Messenger speak gives a platform for a cause that “would surely be filled with lies and deception.”

Messenger is an OU alumnus and he started his lecture at 7:30 p.m., but protestors began marching around 6:30 p.m from the college gateway to the chapel that day. They held up signs against right to work and chanted “get up, get down, Athens is a union town” while demonstrating around the chapel.

The right to work movement’s mission is to reassert the principle of freedom of association by making union membership voluntary and paying dues no longer a condition of employment.

Many of the protestors  at the event believed that right to work laws lower wages.

Gary Crihfield, a worker who participated in the protest, claimed that he isn’t a union member. He attended the protest because he is worried that wages would be lowered if a Right to Work law was passed.

“My wages reflect the union wages,” Crihfield stated. “Everyone who works at OU would be affected by it.”

However, evidence shows that in the 27 right to work states in America, affordable cost of living, higher levels of disposable income, and higher percentages in employment growth are the norm in states with right to work laws.

So, this narrative about lower wages may be misleading when considering how unions not only price out other workers from entering the workforce, but also waste taxpayer dollars and make other goods and services more expensive.

For those who want higher levels of worker productivity and standard of living, labor freedom is a must.


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