Leftists Start, Then Quickly Delete GoFundMe Campaign for Kino Jimenez

The political left almost made another gigantic mistake that would have added to a string of poor public relations moves over the past few weeks.

“Kino Jimenez is currently the victim of a witch hunt,” a GoFundMe account started on behalf of Jimenez said. “His rash retaliation towards a couple of teenage boys was unnecessary and they DO deserve an apology, but currently right-wingers have opted for an unethical approach to the viral video.”

The page was quickly removed, presumably when the founder of the campaign realized that raising $85,000 for a 30-year-old deadbeat who assaulted and cursed out 16-year-old boys would be a bad optic for Democrats.

The author of the post appears to misunderstand the meaning of “witch hunt,” which is what happens when someone is accused of a crime without evidence. To the contrary, millions of people watched the video of Jimenez stealing Hunter Richard’s MAGA hat and tossing a drink in his face.

Likewise, the word “retaliation” is misused. The video shows Jimenez confronting a group boys who were minding their own business. The author of the post actually tipped the political left’s hand regarding the party’s views on political speech.

Wearing a MAGA hat is a form of political speech. The left believes that speech equates to violence,  a notion that is mostly taught by postmodernist professors a liberal arts universities when they discuss “microagressions.” The only way to respond to violence or aggression is with violence, which is why the author of the GoFundMe page characterized Jimenez’s actions “retaliation.” It is a dangerous precedent that the political left has become all too comfortable with.

Finally, the post accuses right-wingers of acting “unethically” simply by sharing the video. It is safe to say that the political right does not need an ethics lesson from anyone supporting Jimenez’s actions.

The GoFundMe campaign may have been taken down, but make no mistake, there are countless left-wingers who believe that what Jimenez did is completely acceptable.

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