Legion of Doom? Belarus and China Plan on Deepening Military Cooperation 

In a joint statement that Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko and Chinese leader Xi Jinping adopted after talks in Beijing on March 1, 2023, Belarus and China have pledged to tighten their cooperation on defense matters and in the fight against terrorism, while also partnering to crush future color revolutions designed to subvert their governments. 

“The parties will strengthen cooperation in the defense, law enforcement and security sectors, deepen cooperation, including that in the field of training military personnel, jointly combat transnational crime and terrorism, and conduct joint preventive struggle against color revolutions,” the BelTA news agency quoted in excerpts from the Belarusian-Chinese joint statement.

On top of that, Belarus and China will come together to support the international system, and respect the norms set forth by the United Nations.

“The sides will jointly support the international system with the United Nations Organization at its core and follow basic norms of international relations based on goals and principles of the UN Charter,” the document stated.

It stressed that the two countries “strongly oppose any manifestations of hegemonism and brute force policies, including illegitimate unilateral sanctions and coercive measures.”

In addition, the two countries plan to “provide mutual support to mitigate negative consequences of unlawful unilateral coercive measures,” per the statement. 

Indeed, the Eurasian axis is quickly forming. The US’s heavy-handed foreign policy has incentivized countries across the Eurasian landmass to pact with one another to balance against US foreign policy encroachments. This axis will be spearheaded by China and Russia and could lead to a devastating military defeat for the US should it bite more than it can chew and launch a direct conflict against both nuclear powers. 

Only restraint can avoid such a nightmare scenario.

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