Less Than 24 Hours After Announcing Candidacy, Twitter Nukes Tommy Robinson’s Campaign Account

Thursday evening British free speech activist Tommy Robinson announced his bid for Member of European parliament, and Twitter has already censored his campaign by suspending his account.

Nick Monroe was the first report the news.

“TWITTER REMOVES Tommy Robinson’s CAMPAIGN Twitter account,” he said, attaching a screenshot of the account.


@TRobinsonMEP was the handle Robinson was using.

Robinson’s personal accounts have been banned on nearly every big tech platform, including Twitter and Instagram, owned by Facebook. His book, Mohammed’s Koran, which is critical of radical Islam, has also been banned from Amazon.

Robinson is a free-speech hero in the U.K. Last year, he was arrested and thrown in jail after filming the defendants in an Islamic grooming gang case as they entered the courtroom. The British mainstream press had been silent on the trial. Thousands gathered at a “Free Tommy” rally in London shortly thereafter.

He detailed the abuse he faced in prison, including solitary confinement, on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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