LET’S GO: Donald Trump Jr. Challenges Hunter Biden to Corruption Debate

Donald Trump Jr. challenged Hunter Biden to a public debate during an appearance on Axios on HBO Sunday, challenging the former Vice President’s son on his track record of profiting off of the elder Biden’s public service.

Hunter Biden was famously paid $83,000 a month by a corrupt Ukrainian oil company during his father’s vice presidency, despite having no experience in the energy industry.

Members of Congress are currently submitting dueling subpoenas on both Donald Trump Jr. and Hunter Biden, with Democrats and Republicans respectively claiming that they’re profiting off of their relatives’ elected offices.

Watch Trump Jr.’s pugnacious offer to face the notoriously camera-shy Biden in a public debate on corruption and grifting here:

A debate between Trump Jr. and Biden could potentially settle the matter of Biden’s suspicious dealings in Ukraine after all. Senate Republicans are currently investigating whether or not Hunter Biden used federal resources for his personal business trips to Ukraine.

However, the younger Biden may have more pressing personal issues to deal with than a corruption debate with Donald Trump Jr. The Vice President’s son is currently embroiled in a child support legal battle with the mother of his out-of-wedlock child, an Arkansas stripper named Lunden Alexis Roberts. He may he held in contempt of court for his ongoing refusal to provide documents related to his annual income for child support payment verification purposes.

On the off-chance that the younger Biden agrees to debate, American voters will be given an insightful picture on which presidential family maintains better ethical practices.

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