Letter To The Editor: ‘Nancy Pelosi, A Wealthy California White Woman Who Lives Behind Walls…’

Colorado Springs man Tom Antkow wrote the best letter to the editor that we have ever seen in the pages of the Colorado Springs Gazette, entitled “Physical barriers are everywhere”:

“Earth to those opposing securing the border:

Physical barriers work! We utilize them every day and everywhere. From rope “barriers” to separate crowds at concerts, sporting events and even airports. Walls and doors to protect our homes. Gated communities. Steel gates for parking garages and to enclose property. Curbs to channel traffic from pedestrians. Even physical “poles” to designate use lanes and even segregate cyclists.

Physical barriers are meant to “funnel and direct” people to places where technology can then “monitor and evaluate”. Not discriminate.

Physical barriers are not racist. They are not there to discriminate one race, religion or belief from another. That is what some politicians and racists do.

Unlike “technology”, once installed the initial investment to install a “barrier” promotes a much better return on investment. Cost savings from low maintenance, minimal supervision of physical barriers, and the need for ongoing soft and hardware updates, personnel, as well as the fuel required for drones and other aircraft for “technology”, definitely justifies the initial investment of our tax dollars in physical barriers.

Finally. Politicians, like speaker Nancy Pelosi, a wealthy California white woman, who lives behind walls and is surrounded by constant security at taxpayer expense, certainly can afford to make promises to under educated, impoverished potential immigrants with promises of free goods and services, then to protect the American citizens who pay for those promises.

Physical barriers last. Empty promises don’t.

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs”


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