Lexington, Kentucky Mayor Proposes Defunding Emergency Rental Assistance to Fund Critical Race Indoctrination

The mayor of Lexington, Kentucky has aroused community backlash after supporting a proposal to fund implicit bias training for city employees using funds previously appropriated for coronavirus emergency rental assistance.

A left-wing housing group wants Mayor Linda Gorton to fund racialist implicit bias training by defunding the city’s police department, as opposed to stripping a rental assistance program instituted to help Lexington residents in the midst of the coronavirus recession.

Gorton’s critical race indoctrination program has an estimated investment of $120,000. Funding for the program is expressly removed from a remaining $240,000 allocated earlier in the year for rental assistance.

Gorton is yet to respond to criticism over her plan to defund housing assistance for left-wing ideological training.

Other national progressives have fought to implement left-wing critical race theory trainings even as the American public reels from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. President Donald Trump signed two executive orders this year banning the use of divisive “trainings” by federal agencies or government contractors. Sources working with Joe Biden’s purported transition have indicated that the neoliberal Democrat will reverse the executive orders if he’s inaugurated, reinstalling critical race theory in government.

It’s hard to think of a more apt representation of luxury progressivism, defunding common-sense rental assistance for beleaguered people in order to enrich a woke ideologue for giving anti-white lectures.



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