LGBT Activist Reveals Movement’s Agenda to Teach Kids about ‘Sex’ and ‘Kink’ While Destroying Family Values

As the LGBT plague sweeps across the West, the practitioners of this depraved and godless lifestyle become more open about their true aims. What started as mere advocacy for equality and tolerance has transformed into corrupting the souls of the children.

One particularly bold transgender individual made clear the end goal of the LGBT agenda in a social media post on Tuesday. They explained in explicit terms how their goal is to teach children about “sex” and “kink” while debauching the entire notion of family values.

“Can we please just do away with the concept of “family friendly”? Kids should be learning about sex, queer stuff, consent, kink, etc from an early age. Family friendly is just a way to treat children like sh*t because adults need power trips,” said Sam, who operates under the Twitter handle @jewanarchist69 and has locked his account since his abusive tweet went viral.

On his Twitter account, Sam is describes himself as a wig enthusiast and a Twitch streamer with a history degree. Sam’s political beliefs are anarcho-communist, he is a proud union member, and his preferred pronouns are they/them. Sam identifies as transgender, he is neurodiverse, and he is very proud of his Jewish heritage.

A screen capture of his tweet can be seen here:

While conservatives are regularly booted from Twitter for speaking their minds, the platform allows pedos to advocate for abuse. Twitter has amended their terms of service at the behest of pedophiles in the past, and their platform remains a major hub for the spread of child pornography.

Big League Politics has reported on how Big Tech content censors are largely turning a blind eye to abusers who use their network to find victims:

Experts are warning that pedophiles are using cheese and pizza emojis to trade child pornography over social media.

PDProtect, a London-based group, is warning that pedophiles are taking and sharing images of children that are uploaded by their own parents and sharing them with other creeps.

“I couldn’t just scroll past it as at the end of the day these are people’s children,” said India, the 27-year-old mother who founded the project, to The Telegraph.

“There are pictures of little boys aged five or six on the beach in their swimming trunks and chances are that picture was taken by their parents on their holiday. Somehow that picture has gotten into their hands,” she added.

PDProject has announced that their activism has resulted in the removal of 2,000 problematic accounts that exploit children from Instagram. India has said that pedophiles use the cheese and pizza emojis to signify CP, which stands for child pornography.

John Carr OBE, who formerly worked for Britain’s Council for Internet Safety, is calling for this “horrifying” practice to be stopped by social media companies immediately.

“It is understandable that parents want to share pictures of their children with friends and relatives, but if their social media accounts are not private these photos can be seen — and taken — by anyone,” Carr said.

“This is about parents not thinking because they are not aware that these bad guys are out there doing this,” he added.”

The LGBT agenda is being supported by the most powerful corporations in the world, including the Silicon Valley monopolists who are aggressively implementing the Orwellian Nightmare. Americans must draw the line and fight for the sanctity of children, lest the nation is forfeited to this satanic globalism.

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