LGBT Agenda Gets Exported to Mexico When Burger King Changes Logo to “Burger Queer” in Honor of Pride Month

On June 29, 2020, Burger King Mexico celebrated Pride Month in a rather bizarre way.

They collaborated with Rappi, an on-demand delivery service that is popular in Central and South American markets.

The fast food titan changed its corporate logo to “Burger Queer” on its social media account and handed out rainbow-colored crowns.

Burger King changed its Facebook and Twitter logos and Facebook cover photo in order to align with its rainbow-themed campaign. French fry and sandwich boxes were also changed for this specific promotional campaign.

“Let’s celebrate love, because we are all the same inside,” the chain announced on one of its tweets.

The company had a teaser for customers. If they purchased a combo meal, they would receive a Pride crown and “a special surprise.”



America’s political correctness agenda seems to be one of its most pernicious exports.

Once champions of traditional American values, corporations have now bought into cultural leftist hobby horses hook, line, and sinker.