LGBT Author: Pete Buttigieg Threatens to ‘Assimilate The Radical Democratic Energies of Queer Liberation’

However, the LGBT movement is not necessarily buying what the fake news is selling. There is a growing backlash against Buttigieg among hardcore progressives who claim he is not gay enough to be the first homosexual President of the United States.

An article written by an openly gay man in The Outline titled, “Why Pete Buttigieg is Bad for Gays” has added fuel to the controversy by implying that the South Bend Mayor is apart of an establishment conspiracy to co-opt and neutralize the nascent LGBT movement.

Author Jacob Bacharach bemoaned Buttigieg for being the avatar of what is presently considered societally acceptable from the homosexual community.

“There is a certain kind of gay guy. He is very likely white. He would say that he is in his “mid-thirties,” although he is much closer to the end than to the beginning of his last credibly young decade,” Bacharach wrote.

“Older women think he is handsome; younger men are not so sure. He is a professional of some kind — not ostentatiously wealthy, but comfortable enough to take the occasional ski trip in Colorado or spring vacation in Spain. He probably enjoys “the theater.” He is sure to mention at some point that he likes to read,” Bacharach continued.

Bacharach resents “Mayor Pete” as he calls him for peddling the “type of unthreatening, socially acceptable, vaguely conservative gay identity” that he feels holds the LGBT movement back.

“I have increasingly come to believe that, though perhaps not intentionally, they do so to the detriment of many other gay folk and queer folk and trans folk and folks who just do not — when you put yourself in the mind of a voter with an NPR mug and maybe even an equality sticker on the back of the Volvo — quite look the part,” Bacharach wrote.

With transgenders and gay people throughout the world undergoing so much real and imagined hardship, Bacharach is “suspicious of the neat schema of [Buttigieg’s] biographical tale.”

“The struggles of trans people, queer people of color, LGBTQ people who are rural, LGBTQ people who are poor, belie this neat onward-and-upward narrative, which is a story about a very particular kind of scrubbed, upwardly mobile, largely white, well-dressed, unutterably corny gay,” Bacharach wrote.

Bacharach is reminded by Buttigieg of his days as a college radical, when he railed against the LGBT movement becoming “another boring, bourgeois constituency of the vacuous center of American politics.” Buttigieg might be the establishment’s man to accomplish Bacharach’s college self’s worst nightmare.

“It is hard to escape the way that American capitalism and American democracy have worked in tandem both to dissipate and to assimilate the radical democratic energies of queer liberation by giving a very circumscribed sort of gay a conditional membership to the club,” Bacharach argued.

While the idea of Buttigieg not being gay enough to be President is laughable, there may be a grain of truth in Bacharach’s lament.

Buttigieg’s assumed palatability with middle America has made him an immediate favorite of the fake news. With the corporate establishment firmly in his corner, it is hard to imagine Buttigieg advancing anything but the globalist status quo if he somehow obtains the presidency.

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