LGBT Child Grooming Event in Boise is ‘Postponed’ After Boycott Efforts From Idaho GOP

An LGBT grooming event in Boise has been “postponed” after the Idaho Republican Party initiated a boycott effort against the event’s sponsors.

The scheduled event that drew anger from the community was the “Drag Kids” show, in which scantily-clad children would gyrate in stage for the titillation of LGBT predators. As a result of the backlash, the organizers were forced to back down.

“While the vast majority of our sponsors and supporters have voiced their support for the Boise Pride Festival and the Drag Kids program, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone this performance due to increased safety concerns,” Boise Pride stated in an announcement.

However, in spite of the announcement from Boise Pride, there is no large-scale support behind their grooming activities. Sponsors have been pulling their support amidst well-deserved public backlash against the veent.

“When we committed to our sponsorship of this year’s Boise Pride event, we were unaware of the event’s activities involving children/minors. Since learning of these specific activities, we have made the decision to withdraw our participation in this year’s Boise Pride event and have communicated this to the event organizers,” Zion’s Bank wrote in a statement about why they were pulling their support for Boise Pride.

“We were unaware that the kid’s drag event would be part of the Pride program when we signed up as a sponsor. Because of it, we have withdrawn our participation from the event,” Idaho Power wrote in a response to a complaint from a concerned citizen.

“DHW’s sponsorship of Boise Pride 2022 has led to some confusion about whether DHW endorses specific activities involving minors during the event. To avoid any confusion regarding DHW’s support of such activities, DHW is withdrawing both its Orange Level sponsorships and Project Filter will no longer be supporting a booth at the event this weekend,” wrote Dave Jeppesen, Director of Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare.

The pressure mounted against Boise Pride’s child-grooming exploits because of a successful boycott campaign by the Idaho Republican Party.

“The Radical Left, out-of-state corporate donors, and their defenders in the Legacy Media, are using taxpayer funded resources to promote the sexualization of Idaho children by adult entertainers – in a public park,” the Idaho GOP stated in their letter opposing Boise Pride’s child drag queen show.

“The Radical Left seeks to use this event as a beachhead to push their agenda targeting Idaho’s children. Now is the time for concerned citizens of all political affiliations living throughout Idaho to push back,” the letter continued, with contact information given for the event’s sponsors so citizens could express their outrage.

The letter can be seen in full here:

Republicans must go on the offensive against the excesses of the LGBT agenda. The sexualization of children is heinously unpopular, and causing a stir will alert more decent Americans of what these demonic perverts are trying to do to the innocent.

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