LGBT Surgeon Admits ‘A Lot of Adolescents’ are ‘Presenting for Surgical Intervention’ to Mutilate Genitals

A horrifying video of an Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) surgeon shows the man talking candidly about how he mutilates children while bragging that it is a growth industry.

“80 percent of my practice is gender-affirming surgery. So I do facial, chest surgery and genital surgery, but the majority of my practice and sort of where my passion lies is really genital surgery. I do a lot of vaginoplasty and phalloplasty,” said Blair Peters, a self-described queer surgeon who leads the OHSU gender clinic.

“[Gender affirming surgeries] are expanding… a lot of adolescents presenting for surgical intervention,” he said. “But also a lot of people who are in their 70s are sometimes coming in for genital surgery and then everything in between.”

Peters claimed that “adolescents for sure present some unique challenges” before falsely and demonically stating that there is “great evidence” showing that chemically castrating children with puberty blockers results in a “whole variety of benefits.”

“But the one thing that is very new is genital surgery in someone who is under one’s pubertal suppression,” he said, adding that it is especially a problem for men or boys “transitioning” into womanhood because they often have micropenises due to stunted growth caused by the chemical castration, which results in not enough penile tissue to adequately perform the surgery.

“As a specialty those of us that do a fairly high volume of genital gender-affirming surgery, you know, we’ve maybe done a couple, a handful of pubertally-suppressed adolescents as a field and nobody’s published on it yet… OHSU is just putting our first series together as we’re kind of learning and figuring out what works, but it’s really changing things because you don’t have enough tissue to line the vaginal canal so you either have to take a skin graft, take skin from elsewhere or use an artificial product,” he said.

His comments can be seen here:

One horror story of a man who was drugged as a child with puberty blockers, chemically castrated, and then put under the knife resulted in their excruciatingly painful death from an E-coli infection after part of their bowel was butchered in an attempt to craft their fake vagina because of the aforementioned lack-of-tissue problem described by “Dr.” Peters.

Josef Mengele had nothing on these monsters. If society allows these sort of atrocities to occur unabated, then the West deserves the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah. Only Christian Nationalism can save us now.

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