LGBT TERROR: Transgender ‘Lady’ Viciously Beats Elderly Christian Preacher on NYC Subway

A 78-year-old man was recently attacked on a New York City subway for preaching the gospel by a mentally-ill transgender woman, witnesses have confirmed.

The attack, which took place on the morning of Oct. 24, was caught on video and posted onto Instagram, where the elderly preacher can be seen bleeding from his head heavily after being assaulted.

“You better get the f*** out my m************ face or I’ll bust your head open,” the transgender assailant said before lashing out violently at the Christian preacher.

Instagram user @f.u.n.m.i.k.e wrote that the man “was just singing some gospel songs and sharing the word of God to people on the train, he didn’t say anything to hurt anyone, he wasn’t even loud, you could barely hear him talk but this is what he got in return from a transgendered lady.”

“What a world we live in that some people see preaching the word of God as a threat to their lives,” she added.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has confirmed that the preacher was attacked with a stiletto heel by the deranged transgender thug. He was then taken to the New York University hospital where he needed to receive 30 stitches in order to stop the profusive bleeding.

The NYPD does not have the suspect in custody yet, and are looking for tips in finding the individual who conducted this attack. “She” is described as being African-American, 6’1, having a dark complexion, with brown eyes and long, red hair.

As the LGBT movement becomes more prominent, violence is becoming more commonplace as activists want to intimidate the Christian majority into submission to their child-targeting agenda.

A school shooting earlier this year that took the life of one innocent person in Colorado was plotted by a transgender “male.” The LGBT individual recruited an accomplice to go on a murderous rampage because fellow students were not accepting of their so-called gender transition.

Big League Politics reported on the story of LGBT violence that was largely buried by the fake news media:

Alec McKinney, a 16-year-old transgender boy who is accused of committing a mass shooting at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School in Highlands Ranch, CO last month, has revealed his motive in court. He wanted to make cisgendered students pay for judging him and his lifestyle choice, according to court documents.

McKinney, who is in the pre-op phase of transitioning to be a man, said to police that he recruited his accomplice, Devon Erickson, 18, to help carry out the heinous acts that took the life of one student and severely injured eight others.

Revenge was an apparent part of McKinney’s motive for allegedly committing the shooting, as at least one individual was targeted because they “called him names and said he was disgusting for trying to be a guy,” according to the affidavit that was released on Thursday after court documents were unsealed by Douglas County District Judge Theresa Slade.

When it comes to existential threats to the future of Western Civilization, the LGBT agenda stands among the most pernicious as it invades every aspect of polite society.

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