Lia Thomas’ Teammates Say UPenn Threatened To ‘Cancel Them’ If They Protested Trans Athlete

University of Pennsylvania’s female swimming team says the University silenced them over protesting biological male Lia Thomas.

According to an article by The Daily Mail: “Lia Thomas’ teammates say UPenn protected the transgender swimmer so enthusiastically because she [sic] helped them win points over other schools – then warned them they’d be canceled if they spoke out.”

In Matt Walsh’s newest documentary about gender ideology, “What Is A Women,” which first aired Tuesday night, the anonymous teammates said they were told never to question Lia’s place and warned that doing would seal their fate.”

In other words, the message from UPenn was clear: “Lia’s swimming is a non-negotiable.”

The University even brought in a shrink to terrify the female swimmers into compliance. As one anonymous teammate shared, “Penn actually brought in people high up in the athletic department to talk to us, like brought in someone from the LGBTQ center, they brought in someone from psychological services.”

Perhaps to get ahead of this bombshell story, Lia Thomas recently joined an interview with Good Morning America to share his story and advance the movement of trans people in sports. He even went as far as to say he was considering Olympic trials in the future if possible – WATCH:

Per Thomas, “trans people don’t transition for athletics. We transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves.”

“I don’t need anybody’s permission to be myself,” he added.

Thomas then proceeded to defend Trans people in female athletics, despite posing sizeable and record-breaking achievements for the UPenn organization.

“Trans women competing in women’s sports does not threaten sports as a whole because trans women are a very small minority and the NCAA rules regarding trans women competing have been around for 10 plus years and we haven’t seen any massive wave of trans women dominating,” he stated.

Of course, Thomas’ happiness comes at the expense of women competing in female sports, as the biological male has made headlines for dominating the league across virtually all events he competed in.

In the article from The Daily Mail, one anonymous student also said UPenn protected Thomas because he helps them score points over other schools.

“Lia obviously helps us do better. She is swimming really fast. Her performance helps the UPenn swim team. The feeling of winning doesn’t feel as good anymore because it feels tainted,” the anonymous swimmer said.

Thomas’ performance helped the team move seven places up the leaderboard from 27th in 2019 to 20th in 2021.

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