Liberal Activists at George Floyd Memorial Give Special Instructions for White People to Subjugate Themselves

Left-wing activists at the memorial for deceased serial felon George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota are handing out special instructions for white people, instructing them just how to properly subjugate themselves.

Floyd has become a sainted holy figure in the minds of leftists since dying of a fentanyl overdose while in police custody last year. Liberal cultists want to make sure that white privileged devils understand that proper reverence must be shown to St. Floyd.

“This is where George Floyd took his last breath under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, under the watch of three other police officers,” the flier with instructions reads.

Attendees of the memorial are urged to “enter with reverence, humility, and openness, as an invited guest,” “care for each other by wearing a mask and asking others to wear a mask,” and “honor the space as a place to connect and grieve as caring humans.”

This is when the flier became explicitly racist against white people, offering them instructions on how to police themselves to satisfy their BIPOC superiors.

“Decenter yourself and come to listen, learn, mourn and witness. Remember you are here to support not to be supported,” the first demand of white people reads.

“Be mindful of whether your volume, pace, and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to decenter yourself,” the instructions continue.

“Seek to contribute to the energy of the space, rather than to drain it. Bring your own processing to other white folks so that you will not harm BIPOC,” the flier continues, descending into half-literate buzzwords obviously written by a low IQ individual.

White people are also encouraged to snitch on other white people who are not abiding by the social standards set forth in the rules.

“If you witness white folks doing problematic things, speak up with compassion to take the burden of off Black folks and our siblings of color whenever appropriate,” the flier states, containing many grammatical errors.

“Seek to engage rather than escalate, so that it can be a learning moment rather than a disruption,” it concludes.

The flier can be seen here:

George Floyd has been made into a graven idol for a debauched multicultural society that is coming apart at the seams. Anti-white racism is the only institutional racism that exists anymore in the former land of the free.

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