LIBERAL HACK: Washington Examiner Writer Brad Polumbo Defends Pro-Impeachment CNN Fake News Reporter in Spat with Female GOP Senator

Conservatives are cheering after Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) brushed off CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju, calling him a “liberal hack” when he approached her with a question about President Trump’s trial on Thursday.

While pro-Trump conservatives are thrilled with Sen. McSally’s defiant stand against the fake news, boy crazy Washington Examiner op/ed writer Brad Polumbo is not happy about the developments.

Polumbo believes that McSally did not show Raju the respect he deserved, and felt she should have fielded his pro-impeachment question.

Polumbo, an openly homosexual “conservative,” is one of the Conservative Inc. operatives who led the charge to cancel #StandWithICE founder and best selling author Michelle Malkin for refusing to castigate “America First” patriots last year.

He echoed propaganda from ANTIFA sympathizers in the left-wing press in an attempt to destroy Malkin:

In order to rationalize and justify his own lifestyle, Polumbo has made anti-Christian statements claiming that God created him and others in his lifestyle to be homosexual.

Polumbo has explained how he felt sexualized at a young age, which is a common occurrence among homosexuals, and knew he wanted to copulate with men by age of 5.

Looking at the history of Polumbo’s Instagram account, it becomes clear why he is such a stanch defender of anti-Christian pro-LGBT rhetoric. Polumbo deleted his account after he was exposed for was engaging with middle school boys.

Polumbo was called out for his bizarre and possibly predatory behavior on social media last year, which he blamed on alt-right trolls:

A screenshot of some of the young boys who were followed by Polumbo on his Instagram account can be seen here:

Research posted on social media by Kansas State University campus conservative and former Turning Point USA chapter leader Jaden McNeil showed some of the young boys who were being followed by the lecherous Polumbo on Instagram.

Polumbo has also criticized President Trump for calling for tough border security measures that he called “inhumane.”

Polumbo wrote: “Apparently Trump viewed more level-headed immigration officials such as former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as members of the “deep state,” because anti-immigration activist Ann Coulter and Fox Business pundit Lou Dobbs “hate her.”’

“It’s worth pointing out just how exaggerated the border threat has become. Yes, border security is important — but it’s also true that illegal immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born citizens, and border crossings are already falling without the implementation of such disturbing enforcement methods,” he added – referencing junk studies paid for by the pro-open borders Koch network.

Polumbo’s “America Last” pro-deviancy anti-Christian version of conservatism may be en vogue with the political establishment, but it largely out of step with the Republican Party of President Trump.

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