Liberal Judges Threaten to Redraw Michigan’s Congressional and State Districts Before 2020

Liberal activist judges are abusing their power to make sure that President Donald Trump doesn’t win Michigan yet again in 2020.

A three-judge panel has ordered Michigan’s Republican legislature to rewrite its Congressional and state legislature districts, and if they refuse to comply with the court’s edicts, the judges threaten to rewrite the districts on their own – arbitrarily imposing their will onto the entire state of Michigan.

If this is not overturned, the entire State Senate may have to conduct elections next year. Because of term limits imposed in the state, this means that certain Senators may have their careers cut short due to the capricious, arbitrary ruling by the trio of liberal activist judges.

Calling various Congressional districts throughout Michigan a gerrymander “of historical proportions,” Judge Eric Clay arbitrarily determined that the districts were altered by the GOP in 2012 “to subordinate the interests of Democratic voters and entrench Republicans in power.”

Clay was appointed to the bench by former President Bill Clinton, so clearly the interests of the Democrat Party are near and dear to his heart.

The court ultimately decided that “the enacted plan constitutes a durable partisan gerrymander” which they claim violates the 1st and 14th Amendment rights of the left-wing activists who brought up the initial lawsuit.

Clay used the usual liberal canard of “discrimination” to justify the ruling. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the presidential election in 2020.

“Partisan gerrymandering can injure voters’ First Amendment rights by subjecting members of the disfavored party to discrimination because of their viewpoints,” Clay wrote.

The other activist judges on the panel included Detroit U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood, another Clinton appointee, and Grand Rapids U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist, who was appointed by former President George H.W. Bush who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 before dying.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan, a feminist leftist lobbying group that portrays itself as “non-partisan” to the unsuspecting public, may have filed this lawsuit in an attempt to hurt Trump’s chances in 2020. The organization had the audacity to claim without even a shred of evidence that the 2016 elections were rigged.

“We recognize the importance of a peaceful transfer of power as a hallmark of a functioning democracy, and we recognize that we have one of the best election systems and democracies in the world, but we also need to say it out loud: This election was rigged. And it needs to stop,” said Chris Carson, president of the U.S. League of Women Voters, in a 2016 press release.

Because of this hostile leftist advocacy organization and power-grabbing activist judges, the entire state of Michigan’s political system has been thrust into complete and utter chaos. Many legal challenges are sure to follow, and the case may even make its way to the nation’s highest court.

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake) said the Republican-dominated state legislature is “reviewing the details of the ruling and will file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court” but “will prepare to comply with this most recent ruling while we await the outcome of the appeal.”

Big League Politics will continue with further updates as this situation unfolds.

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