Liberal YouTube CEO Admits People Don’t Like “Authoritative” Mainstream Media, But Pushes Them Anyway

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that viewers on the platform don’t want to watch the “authoritative” mainstream media content the video streaming monopoly pushes on its audiences, but that the company will seek to steer users to it anyway.

The liberal YouTube CEO was speaking on the New York Times’ Rabbit Hole podcast. The tech elite recounted the platform’s response to the 2016 Islamic terrorist attack in the city of Nice, France, admitting that she decided to “prioritize” news from mainstream corporate media entities about the event to French YouTube viewers. But there was a problem with the tech platform’s strategy.

“But that didn’t perform very well on our platform.” YouTube engineers confirmed to Wojcicki that “people don’t want to see it.”

Wojcicki explained that at that moment she decided that YouTube would prioritize mainstream media content anyway, giving the legacy media an easy handicap on the independent content creators that were quickly rendering the dinosaur media irrelevant.

The free gift of content filtering to corporate news companies such as MSNBC and CNN has revived their presence on the platform. Both channels have seen traffic on their videos increase by orders of magnitude, with the independent content creators traditionally associated with YouTube being buried under a mountain of irrelevant and unwanted-according to Wojcicki’s admission- content.

Another major YouTube executive, Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, dismissed the content creators that fueled YouTube’s rise in the media world in even more insulting terms last month. The Big Tech executive bragged of the corporate mainstream media’s supposed credibility, “as opposed to, you know, it’s somebody espousing their opinions about a mask, you know, in their basement.

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