Liberals Freak Out at Biden Campaign for Promoting Endorsement of Flint Water Villain Rick Snyder

Liberal activists are up in arms at Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for pushing the endorsement of former Michigan governor Rick Snyder, who is blamed by the Left for the Flint water crisis.

Last week, Snyder penned an op/ed in the Detroit News in which he officially endorsed Biden’s presidential candidacy.

“I will continue to support and stand up for Republican policies and values, and support Republican candidates, but I will not support Donald Trump for reelection,” Snyder wrote.

“I had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Biden when he served as vice president. My interactions were always constructive and respectful. He has shown the desire to heal a deeply divided nation; has demonstrated strong moral character and empathy; and he seems willing to listen to people who have different perspectives from his own,” he continued.

“While I am endorsing Joe Biden for president, I am still a Republican who also will be publicly supporting Republican candidates at the local, state and federal level,” Snyder added.

Democrat leaders in the state of Michigan jumped on the news and widely promoted Snyder’s endorsement:

While establishment Democrats may be happy about the endorsement, the left-wing activists who Biden needs on his side to win in November are enraged by the news.

“You were the one who defenestrated local governments, many of them representing Black citizens, a policy that led directly to the catastrophe in Flint,” wrote Charles Pierce in Esquire with regards to Snyder.

“For a guy who’s trying to win over the environmental movement and progressives more broadly, I gotta say, this seems like a bad move for Biden. What’s the point of touting your dubious commitment to racial equality and environmental policy if you’re going to drool over the endorsement of a guy who presided over a historic case of environmental injustice?” wrote Dharna Noor in Gizmodo.

“There remain plenty of actual Democrats, however, who feel like Biden is doing little to court them. Maybe he should focus on them,” wrote Lee DeVito of the left-wing Metro Times publication in Detroit.

Making matters worse, an exposé published earlier this year indicates that Snyder knew far more about the Flint water crisis beforehand than he initially let on to the public:

At the January 2019 event, Snyder approached Karen Weaver, who was then the mayor of Flint, a city of nearly 100,000 people that was still reeling from financial decay and a toxic-water crisis. He asked whether she could meet with Congressman Elijah Cummings.

“You have a lot of influence with him,” Weaver remembered a worried Snyder saying to her about Cummings. At the time, Cummings was the incoming chairman of the powerful U.S. House Oversight Committee…

Snyder testified to Congress that he first became aware of Legionella in January 2016 and held a press conference the next day. Flint residents didn’t believe the governor; their doubt intensified after Harvey Hollins, the director of the state’s Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives office, contradicted the governor, testifying in court that he informed Snyder about Flint’s Legionella outbreak in December 2015.

Back at the inauguration, Weaver said, Snyder asked her to get Cummings to “back off” from investigating him, emphasizing that he wanted to move on with his life as a private citizen. He said “it would go a long way” if the request to the congressman came from her, Weaver recalled to VICE…

Hundreds of confidential pages of documents obtained by VICE, along with emails and interviews, reveal a coordinated, five-year cover-up overseen by Snyder and his top officials to prevent news of Flint’s deadly water from going public—while there was still time to save lives—and then limit the damage after the crisis made global headlines.

Snyder and his administration were investigated by a team led by special prosecutor Todd Flood from 2016 to 2019. The team concluded that the administration had “committed conspiracies of ongoing crimes, like an organized crime unit,” a source with knowledge of the probe told VICE.

But before a case against Snyder could develop, the state’s newly appointed attorney general, Dana Nessel, fired top prosecutors and investigators pursuing the case.

President Donald Trump is capitalizing on the stupidity of the Biden campaign, pointing out Snyder’s troubling history in a couple of brutal tweets:

The Snyder endorsement is driving a serious wedge between Biden and his radicalized left-wing base, and that bodes well for Trump’s re-election chances.

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