Liberals Harass Trump Supporters For Visiting African American History Museum

Despite President Donald Trump doing immense good for the black community, his enemies continually claim he is racist against black people. They downright ignore the historically low black unemployment rate, or the President’s recent pardons of black boxing legend Jack Johnson and non-violent drug offender Alice Marie Johnson.

So when a group of middle school students showed up at the National Museum of African American History and Culture with “Make America Great Again” hats on, it wasn’t surprising when liberals freaked out. An image of the young Trump supporters was posted on “The Jasmine BRAND” Facebook page.

While the students were simply on a class trip, and meant no disrespect with the hats, the comment section immediately jumped to conclusions. The universally accepted opinion in the comments is that they are racist, and wearing the hats as some sort of hateful statement.

Along with plenty of claims of racism, a number of people in the comment section either directly threatened harm on the boys in the picture, or hopes that somebody else would commit violence against them.

While this was just one example of kids wearing MAGA hats around Washington, D.C., a quick search on Twitter shows that it was not an isolated incident.

A student in attendance claims that one of the young men wearing a MAGA hat was cornered, threatened, and spat on for wearing that hat. A teacher stepped in and prevented any actual harm against the student being threatened.

It isn’t very surprising that many of the people they are condemning are younger boys. Studies in recent years have shown that kids growing up in the age of the internet are becoming increasingly right-wing.

UPDATE: A student in attendance reached out to correct a few minor issues with the story. The students wearing the hats were middle school eighth graders on a class trip. While a number of the students chose to take their hats off in the museum, a number chose to keep it on. This resulted in angry reactions from members of the public in the museum, including a group of men who cornered one student, forced him to take his hat off, and spat on him. 

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