Libertarian Cato Institute Fellow Accused of Accepting Billionaire Cash for Pro-Immigration Research

A Washington DC research fellow of the libertarian Cato Institute appears to have been implicated in accepting money from powerful interests in return for publishing research materials backing their preferred immigration policy stances. David Bier is a research fellow in immigration studies for Cato.

Cato is heavily funded by globalist oligarch Charles Koch, a liberal billionaire considered among the wealthiest individuals in the world. Koch has heavily funded efforts to lobby against protectionist conomic policies, immigration restriction, and populism.

Chronicles assistant editor and populist commentator Pedro Gonzalez published allegations that Bier’s work is beholden to financial interests. A private Telegram message sent by Aman Kapoor, President of the cheap labor lobbying group Immigration Voice, indicated that Bier’s writings on research on immigration policy are heavily influenced by NGO’s and wealthy individuals that fund him. Kapoor revealed that Bier had chosen to focus on removing for-country caps for immigration green cards, a policy sought by tech companies who desire to replace American workers for cheaper and more compliant Indian nationals.

Kapoor’s Immigration Voice org extensively cites research published by Bier arguing for unlimited visas for Indian nationals in its lobbying efforts, in essence touting research they had paid for to demand their policy preferences be enacted. Senator Mike Lee has consistently led efforts to eliminate the per-country-cap in regards to green cards, a move that would largely convert the labor model of the American technology industry to one of indentured servitude.

Bier’s policy focus appears to have shifted to amnesty programs for illegal aliens after he began accepting money from Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group, writing in favor of a policy long sought after by Facebook and national liberal groups.

Bier is yet to provide comment on Kapoor’s allegations.

Cato’s independence and integrity as a policy research organization have long been scrutinized by both Democrats and Republicans, with the NGO funded by billionaires and corporations with a vested interest in policies that advance their interests to the detriment of American workers and the middle class.

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