Liberty Champion Rick Becker Calls For Bold Plan To Slash Federal Government

Earlier this week, congressional candidate Rick Becker gave a speech where he unveiled his bold agenda to drastically downsize the federal government. 

In his speech, he cited the example of Argentinian President Javier Milei rolling out a plan to fire 70,000 government workers as an inspiration for his plan to reduce the size of the federal government. Additionally, Becker stated that he would like to  “get  rid  of  the  Department  of  Education,  the  Federal  Reserve,  and the  EPA.”

On X, the social media platform formerly know as Twitter, Becker doubled down on his message to significantly reduce the size of the federal government. He published the following on April 24, 2024: 

“Let me be clear: I’m running for Congress to SLASH government 

– fire 75% of federal busy-bodies 

– abolish dept of ed

– abolish federal reserve 

– abolish EPA

– abolish ATF

– abolish the IRS

And replace them with NOTHING.

This is the serious action we need to save America.”

This is exactly what’s needed in Congress. For too long, Congress has been dominated by a big government uniparty. Outside of Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, DC is filled with swamp critters. 

Becker has a proven track record of defending liberty, as evidenced by his time in office in the North Dakota State House from 2012-2022, where he was a steadfast advocate for fiscal restraint, protecting gun rights, and  border security. He will undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to Congress should he come out victorious during the 2024 election cycle. 

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