Liechtenstein Voters Reject Radical Feminist Proposal at Ballot Box

On August 30, 2020 voters in the Principality of Liechtenstein firmly rejected a radical egalitarian scheme to establish artificial gender equality ratios in its political bodies.

One Twitter user posted, “lmao 80% of Liechtenstein just voted against promoting gender equality in politics.”

The ballot initiative in this case, “HalbeHalbe” (HalfHalf) proposed to the insert the language of

“The balanced representation of women and men in political bodies is promoted.” to article 31, paragraph 2 of Liechtenstein’s constitution.

 The Landtag, Liechtenstein’s legislative branch, approved bringing this initiative up for discussion in November 2019. The majority of Lantag members ended up rejecting this proposal which propelled it to go before the voters in a referendum.

The voters ended up rejecting this measure by a vote of 78.8 percent to 21.2 percent on August 30, 2020.

While most of Europe embraces political correctness, Liechtenstein offers a different path of rationality that is free from the police fixations of the managerial Left. Hopefully, other European countries start to follow Liechtenstein’s example.

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