LIFE IMITATES MEMES: Democrats Chant “Orange Man Bad” At Trump Impeachment March

On Saturday, a small crowd of anti-Trump Democrats took to the National Mall for a “March to Impeach” rally.

At the event, Kaitlin Bennett of Infowars and Liberty Hangout was on the ground holding a sign saying “ORANGE MAN BAD.”

Some in the crowd recognized her, likely due to her viral Kent State graduation photo of her carrying an AR-10 rifle on campus, and refused to speak to her.

But a number of people didn’t know that, and saw the sign as a genuine anti-Trump sign — instead of one making fun of them — and they joined her in chanting “Orange man bad!”


Orange man bad became a meme last year, amid the irrational left-wing outrage against President Trump.

In the meme, the left-wing are NPCs (Non player characters) that have no original thoughts and simply parrot whatever anti-Trump talking point is fed to them through the mainstream media.

Popular YouTube meme channel Price of Zimbabwe is largely responsible for popularizing it through a video which depicts mainstream media talking heads, talk show hosts, and anti-Trump protesters as NPCs.

But the protesters at Saturday’s impeachment march clearly didn’t get the memo, and took the sign as one of endearment. Life truly does imitate art… And memes.

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