Lincoln Project Takes Responsibility for Attempt to Slander Glenn Youngkin With Fake White Supremacists

The disgraced Lincoln Project has accepted responsibility for a stunt seeking to slander Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin with the presence of fake white supremacists.

In a press release, the neocon group appeared to admit sending individuals since identified as Democratic Party operatives to a Glenn Youngkin campaign event with tiki torches dressed in attire resembling scenes at the 2017 Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

The Lincoln Project has largely descended into obscurity, following a pedophilia scandal that implicated its founder John Weaver as a workplace groomer and indications of self-dealing corruption among the group’s multimillionaire political consultant leaders. The group declined to apologize for the stunt, claiming they’d stage more cheap political attacks.

Democratic political operatives Colleen Wachenfeld was identified as one of the fake Charlottesville-style demonstrators. A director for the Virginia Young Democrats, Camden Layton, also disabled his social media accounts after being pinned as one of the fraudsters seeking to tar Youngkin.

The Democratic Party of Virginia rushed to claim that it did not have any role in the slanderous stunt, even though several of the figures who appeared in it have close ties to official Democratic Party organizations. National Democrats had jumped the gun in assuming the Charlottesville-style demonstrators were real, falsely claiming that Youngkin’s campaign was associated with Nazism and various forms of political extremism.

Recent polls indicate the Republican has staked out a decisive lead in the contest, making it likely the GOP will flip control of the state’s gubernatorial palace.

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