LINDEMAN: John Brennan’s Former Operatives Are Being Picked Off The Grid

John Brennan was an APAC (Asia Pacific) specialist spanning, China, the Korean Peninsula and out to the shores of Hawaii. Before Barack Hussein Obama made him DNI, APAC was his stomping ground and obviously he handled the Middle East. On January 14, 2018 at about 3:05 AM local Hong Kong time a man named Jerry Lee was prompted to fly out to the United States from Hong Kong.


Jerry Lee was John Brennan’s right hand man, handler for APAC. A former Intelligence Analyst that worked with Jerry said “Lee is a great guy. As a handler he was forthcoming, straight to the point and guided his assets every step of the way.”

According to a very odd and questionable affidavit, Jerry Lee left his position with the Central Intelligence Agency in 2007. In summary the affidavit for his warrant of arrest states that in 2012 he arrived in Hawaii with his family. According to the affidavit, the FBI surveilled his hotel and then without Lee’s knowledge searched his and his family’s personal belongings and found two booklets that contained HIGHLY CLASSIFIED information. Remember Lee was a cut-out and not a throwaway like many others that left the agency and did not transition into the newly formed IC element structure. . In the affidavit it is stated that they attained a search warrant but BLP was unable to obtain a copy of the search warrant. No record of such a warrant being issued during that period of time and or may be sealed.

The affidavit gets stranger as you read it. The affidavit states he and his family then traveled to Virginia where they stayed until June 2013. Initially they stayed at the hotel in Fairfax and again they searched his belongings and again determined he was still in possession of the highly classified materials they had already previously determined to be a treasonous and criminal. Once again, BLP was unable to obtain a copy of the search warrant. No record of such a warrant was issued during that period.

Lee is an ILLEGAL. Strzok is an illegal too. Illegal is the term used to identify the elites of the clandestine community. As the affidavit continues, surveillance was in full force. He was a target and they documented every single interaction, exchange and or discussion. The affidavit claims in May or June of 2013 before he departed for China, he was questioned. “Speaking with co-workers doesn’t count as questioning to us, but for warrant purposes it does” stated our exclusive BLP source. The affidavit claims he had in his possession, names of assets, locations of clandestine agents, locations of operations and actual telephone too, which we can all agree, since he is not actively working for the intelligence community and his capacity doesn’t warrant such information to be in his possession, it is criminal. Let’s remember to the recently pardoned sailor who went to prison for selfie he took in a submarine.

The FBI in 2012 and 2013 had all the evidence they need to prosecute and arrest him but they didn’t. Instead, they let Lee leave the country with it, why?

What prompted Jerry Lee to fly out to JFK impromptu on Jan 14, 2018 local Hong Kong time arriving to JFK on Jan 16, 2018 late at night (local time)? Considering the date of his departure was Jan 13, 2018 local time, something significant happened in the APAC region.

Palpably, the counterintelligence division has been rounding up former and present intelligence elements aggressively since the fall of 2017. Such arrests are very hard to detect and in very few instances throughout history do we have access to arrest warrants, trial information and records. After all, Intelligence Community elements are identified by very few people and divisions of government. Jerry Lee is not the only IC element the “FBI” arrested. The case of Ms. Claiborne our overqualified “office manager” , also being recently arrested for things she has been alleged to have done years ago but they decided to pursue her now? If you read the affidavit it is apparently trivial, embellished with fancy statements and sentences to paint her into some treasonous person.

If you read the affidavits for both Lee and Clairborne (Here’s the affidavit for Candace Marie Clairborne) you’d notice one thing is consistent the “FBI” agent in charge. Kellie O’Brien.


Kellie O’Brien has been with the FBI for 24 years. Her profile is tidier that Strzok Jr.’s. We know she lives in Alexandria, VA (or did) and she is a mother and married (or was). She now identifies as an agent of counterintelligence where she investigates espionage and retention of classified information. Sounds like the White House HVIG division BLP talked about in.

During our interview with our sources they could not confirm or deny her work with Mueller, which can only have us speculating. What we do know is that Kellie is Brennan’s cleaner for APAC. Her cases ALL focus on his previous territories of APAC. Her signature is on BOTH these warrants and has very close ties with the Strzok’s. Her husband went to college with Melissa Hodgman and he works with Quantico as an independent TECH consultant.

Like Melissa Hodgman, Kellie O’Brien has a bit of “China fever” too.

Lee’s book had names and details of assets in all of APAC. That is actually normal. Most handlers do. Real names though? That is a stretch but could happen. Illegal operatives are cocky, sloppy and have the attitude we saw Strzok dish at the hearing confirmed our source. #AboveTheLaw because indeed rules don’t apply to them and reports are just -job done or job failed. Wikileaks had dropped serious intel showing the world that you can hack and code altering origination. He dropped intel showing that someone in France could hack into the US and make it look like it was Russian or Chinese. Vladimir Putin even made mention of such technology laughing when it first was inched that the Russians hacked the elections.

Why did Jerry Lee come back to the USA?

“We believe he was coming back to get with the Trump Administration to let them know what is going on in China and pretty much spill the beans” said one of our exclusive sources. Apparently it’s not just US citizens that are assets but actual Chinese government officials that were employed with the covert deep state intelligence community. It’s a hot mess in China since mid 2017. “General Zhang Yang was being investigated by the Chinese government for his covert dealing with Obama’s intelligence community. He committed suicide” stated our high level intel source.

Jerry Lee was a handler and was trained directly under John Brennan. His career involved dabbles in the Middle East but his domain was China, the Korean Peninsula, Australia, Japan, Indian, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan. Anything from Asian Shores to Hawaii was his domain. This is no secret, when confirmed he prided himself on his expertise. Considering Lee was a handler for APAC we can infer that Brennan and Lee were in frequent communication when Lee was active and inactive. “They like to keep tabs on their intel elements. Even though most of them crave the simple life and don’t stay in the field, they still tap into them every now and then. When you get out all you want is a simple job, kids, mowing, farming because 10 years in, is a lifetime” a former CIA operative tells BLP.

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