Lindsey Graham Confronted, Confused on Red Flag Laws

Georgia Gun Owners member Marjorie Taylor Greene is back at it again, this time confronting Senator Lindsey Graham on the topic of red flag laws.

On Twitter, Taylor Greene claims that Senator Graham won’t promote a red flag bill that violates due process rights after confronting him on the issue.

The South Carolina Senator re-assured her that he “owns guns too” and will not move a bill that violates due process.

However, this promise may not be a sure thing.

Senator Graham said during a Tuesday hearing on the Senate’s red flag bill that “every right has its limits.”

In a move that surprised many pro-second amendment Texans who backed him, a bearded Ted Cruz conceded ground on the issue of red flag laws, stating that “I do think extreme risk laws, of the kind we’re discussing can potentially be part of the solution set.”

This confirms the fears of many no compromise gun organizations such as Gun Owners of America (GOA), who have sharply criticized Republican elected officials like Graham for his support of red flag bills.

GOA legislative counsel Michael Hammond pointed out that red flag bills like S.7 would have Republican, pro-Second Amendment states subsidizing rabidly, anti-gun states to enforce their gun confiscation laws.

In a news conference earlier this week, Dudley Brown, the president of the National Association for Gun Rights and South Carolina State Representative Jonathon Hill denounced Graham’s red flag bill.

Hill said that the bill Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Lindsey Graham are promoting “is a really, really terrible bill.”

The State Representative expanded on the bill’s potential for due process violations:

They don’t have to give any notice if someone has reported you as being mentally unstable or dangerous.

Hill added:

These reports are going to come from roommates, family members, exes, neighbors, political enemies — you name it.

Brown argued that once a “protective order” is served, law enforcement can arrive at a gun owner’s door without warning.

They can literally come to your house at 2 in the morning. Yes, they can knock on the door. Sometimes they don’t knock. Sometimes they use a battering ram to open the door.”

Red flag gun confiscation laws have caused widespread concern in the gun community. Since the Parkland shooting, a number of states have passed red flag laws and are becoming a hot button issue in legislatures across the country.

Red flag gun confiscation laws have become a pillar of recent control campaigns and are starting to receive bipartisan support.

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