Lindsey Graham is Back on His Push for Gun Confiscation

Is Lindsey Graham pushing for gun confiscation?

After the El Paso Walmart massacre, which left 20 killed, the usual screams for gun control erupted on Twitter.

The Left was quick to demand gun control.

But they now have help across the aisle.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, is now renewing his push for red flag gun confiscation orders.

BLP has previously reported on Graham’s efforts to move this legislation in the Senate.

With another mass shooting and national uproar, Graham might get his wish after all.

On Twitter Graham declared, “El Paso shooting is sick and senseless. Time to do more than pray. Time to enact common-sense legislation in Congress to empower states to deal with those who present a danger to themselves and others — while respecting robust due process.”



He then added, “May not have mattered here, but Red Flag laws have proven to be effective in states that have them. (2/2)”


Red flag laws allow judges to confiscate an individual’s guns without due process just for being a perceived “threat”.

17 states have passed these laws so far.

Many gun rights activists fear that these laws could be a Trojan Horse for even larger infringements on gun rights.

Dudley Brown, the President of the National Association for Gun Rights, views red flag laws as an springboard  for potential law enforcement abuse:

They [Law enforcement] can literally come to your house at 2 in the morning. Yes, they can knock on the door. Sometimes they don’t knock. Sometimes they use a battering ram to open the door.

Interestingly, Connecticut was one of the first states in the nation to pass red flag laws in 1999. However, such a law could not prevent Adam Lanza from carrying out his slaughter at Sandy Hook in 2012.

BLP will keep a close eye on any new developments regarding red flag bills in Congress.





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