List of ‘Worst Men:’ HuffPost Puts Gavin McInnes Next to Serial Child Rapist Larry Nassar

There are many reasons that no one takes the leftist mainstream press seriously, not the least of which being its proclivity for ascribing evil to those with whom it disagrees politically.

HuffPost did just that on Friday, when it put serial child rapist Larry Nassar on the same moral plane as right wing pundit Gavin McInnes in it’s “non-exhaustive list of the worst men of 2018.”

I won’t link to the article, lest we drive traffic to that left-wing rag, but here is a screenshot of the two, side-by-side: 

The characterization of why McInnes distanced himself from the Proud Boys is incorrect, but we can’t expect misandrist Emma Gray, the author of the piece, to actually have contacted McInnes before publishing a hit piece on him. The group is also decidedly not a “white nationalist” organization. The Proud Boys are racially diverse, and have no race requirement for membership. That small fact eluded Gray. They define the term “reporter” loosely over at HuffPost. 

Others on the list of “worst men” alongside Nassar are Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who did nothing wrong. President Donald J. Trump made the list, of course, considering that he is the root of all evil in the eyes of the political left.

To make sure that you were taking her report seriously, Gray made sure to include “men who insist on leaning their bodies onto the entirety of the subway pole, often on top of people’s hands, during the morning commute,” on her little list.

This hardship faced by Gray simply cannot stand. We must organize to fight back against subway pole leaners in 2019, for the sake of bettering the image of our sex.

She also included a man with whom she went on a bad date (though I’m sure it was worse for him), and “All of the men who have personally disappointed me by refusing to go into therapy this year.”

This reporter will be anxiously awaiting HuffPost’s list of worst females of 2018, but I will not hold my breath.

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