LISTEN: Brooke Baldwin’s Apparent Lewd Comment on CNN Goes Viral

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin appears to have made a lewd comment during coverage of Bill Cosby’s prison sentencing.

“We must be close to sentencing,” Baldwin began. “Andrea Constand, there she is, arms folded in that gray blazer. I just want to sit on her face.” 

Likely, Baldwin meant to say “I just want to see it on her face,” referring to Constand’s smile.

But Twitter noticed the Freudian slip too.

“‘I just want to sit on her face'”

rephrase that Brooke Baldin #cnn,” said one user.

“Today’s Humor – regarding Bill Cosby sentencing. ‘Andrea Constand, there she is, uh arms folded in that uh gray blazer. I just want to sit on her face.’ ~ Brooke Baldwin,” said another.

“Yes. Brooke Baldwin did say she wanted to sit on the face of Andrea Constand,” said a third user.

Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in jail for drugging and sexually assaulting Constand.

Listen to the clip, and let us know what you think:




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