LISTEN: Kanye West Drops New Song Attacking The Leftist Thought Police

After a week of pro-Trump posts, which led towards immense hate from the left, Kanye West has released a new song. In the song, he raps along with fellow rapper TI, who is representing “the people,” and Kanye defends his behavior over the past week.

The song starts off with an immediate mention of both President Donald Trump, and former President Barack Obama. Kanye states that he “knew that Obama was heaven-sent,” but that Trump’s win “proved that [he] could be President.

Later on in the song, rapper TI mimics the vast amount of people within Kanye’s fan base that have been attacking Kanye for his support of President Trump. TI alludes that Kanye’s wearing of a “Make America Great Again Hat” is him wearing a symbol of white supremacy.

In the song, Kanye fires back, stating that his wearing of the hat is a way of unifying people. Kanye then went on to attack those opposed to the idea of black Americans supporting people outside of the Democrat Party, stating:

“See that’s the problem with this damn nation. All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man, we ain’t made it off the plantation.”

The song ends with Kanye asking for the beat to end, and for the people to talk. That seems to be an apparent attempt to use the recent controversy around his beliefs to bring people together.

Maybe Kanye West can be the unifying force in America.

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