Little Marco Rubio is Still a Mass Migration Booster

On April 17, 2020, Young America’s Foundation shared a tweet with a quote from Florida Senator Marco Rubio that read “Conservatives aren’t anti-immigrant — conservatives are pro-legal immigration.”

In the tweet post, YAF said “Don’t let the Left control the narrative. @marcorubio

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin instantly pounced on this tweet by stating the following:

FACT CHECK: ConInc is pro-unlimited mass migration.  Rubio is for replacing U.S. IT workers, making “Temporary Protected Status” for illegals permanent & protecting refugee resettlement racket. @yaf is for smearing & canceling #AmericaFirst movement.

#ImmigrationMoratorium NOW!

For those of us with short-term memory, YAF was the same group that fired Malkin for the “devastating” decision of aligning herself with Nick Fuentes and America First patriots who want to put an end to the post-1965 Immigration Act status quo. In today’s upside-down world of political correctness, it is a crime of the highest order to question the merits of both legal and illegal immigration.

Back to Rubio.

The Florida Senator is no stranger to mass migration boosting.

Rubio was part of the Gang of 8 U.S. Senate coalition made up of establishment mainstays such as Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer. The purpose of this plutocratic alliance was to fast-track amnesty underneath American’s noses.

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller rightfully called out Rubio back in 2016 for his pro-amnesty machinations.  He described Rubio as “a man for sale.”

According to NumbersUSA, Rubio has a career rating of C-. on his overall track record of immigration reduction.

The Florida Senator is clearly deadweight on the issue.

We live in a time where we must understand the full implications of mass migration to fathom what’s at stake.

Bromides about Republicans being pro-legal migration and anti-illegal immigration aren’t going to cut it.

It’s time to channel the spirit of the 1920s and get legislation to Trump’s desk that reduces immigration across the board.

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