LMAO: Atlantic Hack Jeffrey Goldberg Plagiarized ‘Godfather 2’ for Trump Military Comments Hit Piece

The Atlantic reporter Jeffrey Goldberg recently published a fake news hit piece accusing President Donald Trump of calling dead military personnel “losers” and “suckers.”

The claim was only backed by so-called anonymous sources that refuse to go on the record with their allegations, while many individuals have gone on the record to refute the story. The dubious nature of the report has not stopped the mass media from running with it though.

Social media sleuths have noted that Goldberg lifted the dialogue in his article from the closing scenes in Godfather 2:

Big League Politics has reported about Goldberg’s long history of being a propagandist for the national defense swamp, and his lies were used by the Bush administration to start the Iraq War:

Goldberg was one of the chief propagandists who duped the American public into supporting the Iraq War. He was responsible for publishing the fake news that Iraq had connections with Al Qaeda.

He wrote an article in the New Yorker back in 2002 arguing that Iraq was the “great terror,” Saddam Hussein was guilty of genocide, and Iraq had “possible ties” to Al Qaeda.

“The allegations include charges that Ansar al-Islam has received funds directly from Al Qaeda; that the intelligence service of Saddam Hussein has joint control, with Al Qaeda operatives, over Ansar al-Islam; that Saddam Hussein hosted a senior leader of Al Qaeda in Baghdad in 1992; that a number of Al Qaeda members fleeing Afghanistan have been secretly brought into territory controlled by Ansar al-Islam; and that Iraqi intelligence agents smuggled conventional weapons, and possibly even chemical and biological weapons, into Afghanistan,” Goldberg wrote in his lengthy diatribe meant to convince the U.S. public to support an aggressive, unprovoked war with Iraq.

“There is some debate among arms-control experts about exactly when Saddam will have nuclear capabilities. But there is no disagreement that Iraq, if unchecked, will have them soon, and a nuclear-armed Iraq would alter forever the balance of power in the Middle East,” he continued, citing no sources to justify his claim that Saddam was on the verge of getting nukes.

“There is little doubt what Saddam might do with an atomic bomb or with his stocks of biological and chemical weapons,” Goldberg added…

More recently, Goldberg was pushing the Russian collusion narrative that also turned out to be completely bogus. The fact that he has not been drummed out of his privileged position as editor for The Atlantic after getting it wrong so often shows that the fake news media is indeed the enemy of the people.

President Trump has made it clear that he is the champion of the soldier and fighting against the entrenched Pentagon forces looking to throw the troops into the meat grinder to make a buck:

Goldberg’s laughable hit piece has only emboldened the president to fight back against the military-industrial complex.

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