LOL: Alyssa Milano Demands Americans “Stop the Coronavirus Gun Surge”

Liberal celebrity Alyssa Milano criticized Americans for buying up record levels of guns and ammunition in a video posted to her Twitter account on Thursday, calling for the gun purchases to be stopped in an unspecified fashion.

Milano is one of the liberals displeased that Americans have chosen to arm themselves in record numbers during the coronavirus epidemic. More than 2.5 million firearms were purchased in the month of March alone, an all-time record that easily smashes the second place month.

Milano claims “stockpiling weapons could have dire consequences on our own personal safety and those around us.

The actress makes a vague call to “stop the coronavirus gun surge,” without calling for a means to prevent Americans from lawfully acquiring guns.

In an era where Americans are facing an unprecedented viral pandemic, it’s hard to think of anything that seems more irrelevant than the moralistic and ultimately empty gestures of wealthy Hollywood celebrities. The celebrity culture of the early 2000’s increasingly seems like a tired distraction, with most Americans more interesting in paying attention to events that actually effect their own lives.

The actress has been known to protest Second Amendment groups such as the NRA while in the presence of her own armed private security. Most recently, she’s made herself a target of criticism for some on the progressive left for discounting the accusations of Tara Reade, a woman who is claiming that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while working as a senate aide in the early 1990’s.

Milano, who vocally supported the #MeToo movement, seemed to go missing in action when it came to sexual assault allegations against the presumptive Democrat nominee, later rejecting Reade’s allegations.

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