LOL: Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta Detail Their Struggles With “Post-Trump Stress Disorder”

CNN personalities Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta engaged in a struggle session on Stelter’s irrelevant show Sunday, with the two fake news establishment journalists admitting it’s become hard for them to find anything to talk about with Donald Trump having left the presidential throne.

Watch the pathetic clip here.

I think that… we’re all dealing with some post-Trump stress disorder.

Acosta went on to highlight Donald Trump’s post-presidency endeavors as the primary news story for CNN to highlight and cover, claiming that the 45th President was “disgracing the office of the post-presidency.” Even as Acosta claims that CNN will cover breaking news and present what’s relevant to the American people, the network has refused to devote airtime to the border crisis following the implementation of Joe Biden’s ‘America Last’ immigration policies, instead looking for cheap shots to sling at Republicans such as Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Stelter has lost more than half of his audience since January, continuing to focus on Donald Trump and now-irrelevant conspiracy theories. Stelter and CNN have declined to cover any content that could present President Joe Biden in a negative light, instead opting to relive the network’s “greatest hits” from the Trump era.

CNN may ultimately be forced to institute strict budget cuts and layoffs, with its formerly hooked audience not biting content that merely rehashes liberal talking points from Trump’s presidency months after he’s left office.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has emerged as President Joe Biden’s most potent critic, enduring in the post-Trump cable news era and maintaining his ratings as CNN and MSNBC competitors decline into a sad state of irrelevancy.

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