LOL: Michael Avenatti Reconsidering Jumping Into Democratic Primary

Showboat attorney and former cable news regular Michael Avenatti is considering entering the Democratic primary for President of the United States, after earlier announcing he wouldn’t be a candidate in the 2020 election.

The lawyer formerly known for fiery segments as a guest on MSNBC appears to have reconsidered, stating in a text message to the Washington Examiner that he plans on making a decision on a campaign by the fall.

Avenatti will presumably face an uphill battle to convince Democratic voters that he’s worthy of their presidential nomination, considering he’s currently facing federal criminal charges related to an alleged extortion of Nike. The California lawyer could face life in prison if he’s found guilty on the charges, complicating the prospect of his Presidential campaign.

In a Friday CNBC appearance, the California lawyer said that he’s “increasingly concerned that the Dems don’t have the right fighter to go toe to toe with Trump. And the future of the republic and our way of life is on the line. He is a brawler who has no bounds. The Dems need a guy who can match him punch for punch. I may be that guy.

Avenatti claims that he’s the “fighter” the crowded Democratic primary field is currently missing. Apparently if Avenatti’s a fighter, getting fired as a lawyer by your most well-known client and being indicted for felony crimes constitutes winning.

Avenatti clarified that he plans on running for President in 2024 against Donald Trump Jr. if his 2020 campaign doesn’t come together. The loudmouth lawyer has engaged in a running feud with the President’s son for years, at the latter’s behest.

Trump Jr. could be looking forward to a potential Avenatti Presidential campaign, as the celebrity showman stands a considerable chance of totally embarrassing himself on a national stage.


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