LOOMER: 911 Report CONFIRMS Abuse Allegations Against Ellison

Today, Big League Politics contributor published a piece on her site with exclusive documentation of abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN).

“A second woman has accused Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) of domestic violence, and a 911 report supports the woman’s accusation,” Loomer wrote, providing the following 911 record:

“Caller reporting she was assaulted by Ellison/Keith, black male, aged 41, wearing suit, leaving apartment, unknown direction, no EMS needed,” the report says, shortened in police lingo.

The 911 call was made by Amy Alexander in 2005. Ellison would have been 41 at the time.

A Democrat activist, Alexander had known Ellison for more than 15 years, wrote an article detailing Ellison’s physical and verbal abuse in 2006. It was titled “Coming Out Of The Dark: Breaking The Silence About The Anointed Candidate.” In the piece, Alexander revealed that the pair had a relationship while Ellison was married.

“Our hot and cold romance turned into a love/hate showdown by spring of 1994,” she said. “Keith belittled me about my weight and constantly criticized my every word and action. He ostracized me from the community on whose behalf I had worked so hard to advocate.”


Their romance picked up in 2004, but quickly went sour in May of 2005.

“In May, Keith wanted to try and quiet me so he came to my home uninvited,” Alexander wrote. “We had words. His anger kicked in. He berated me. He grabbed me and pushed me out of the way. I was terrified. I called the police. As he fled he broke my screen door. I have never been so scared.”

Ellison denied allegations of abuse made by his first accuser, Karen Monahan, over the weekend, though he admitted to an affair.

“Karen and I were in a long-term relationship which ended in 2016, and I still care deeply for her well-being,” Ellison said in a statement to CBS Minnesota. “I never behaved this way, and any characterization otherwise is false.”

The non-curious mainstream press, always eager to protect a Democrat, has swept the Ellison story under the rug in the midst of his five-way Democrat primary run for Minnesota Attorney General, a position for which he is running without an active law license.



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