Loomer Invited to Michigan to Investigate Sharia Law Claim, Finds Out Gubernatorial Candidate is Sharia Compliant

Big League Politics contributor travelled to Michigan upon invitation by the City of Dearborn to investigate Dearborn’s claim that there is “no Sharia in Michigan,” but what she found was far more unnerving than even she could have imagined.

“2 weeks ago, invited me to visit Michigan & declared that there is “no Sharia in Michigan,” Laura Loomer tweeted. “So, I did. I traveled to Michigan & investigated. What I uncovered proves otherwise. Not only is there Sharia, but a Sharia compliant candidate might be the next Governor!”


Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is running for governor of Michigan on a progressive Democrat platform, but according to Loomer’s investigation, he is anything but progressive. Rather, he is Sharia Law compliant in his personal life –  the most conservative form of Islam – which stones women to death for adultery (even in cases of rape and incest), prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality, and permits 40 to 80 lashes for drinking alcohol in countries like Saudi Arabia where it is practiced.

Loomer interviewed former Muslim Farrah Prudence, who has a fatwa against her for being an apostate. A fatwa is and Islamic legal pronouncement that can result in the death of the fatwa recipient.

When Loomer asked Prudence how El-Sayed can run a campaign that supports abortions, legalizing marijuana, and same sex marriage even though his “head touches the ground 34 time a day” in Sharia compliant prayer, Prudence told her that El-Sayed is likely practicing the Taqiyya, which is the Quran-approved practice of lying to the unbeliever to advance the cause of Islam.

“All of these things that he’s saying will make him more popular, and get people to trust him and think that he’s Westernized, but even his beard is Sharia compliant,” Prudence said. “His wife is Sharia compliant in the way she wears her hijab. It’s very troubling to see that.”



Far left radical Islamist Linda Sarsour of 2017 Women’s March fame has endorsed El-Sayed and is his de facto campaign manager, according to Loomer.

The Michigan primary election will be held on August 7.

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