LOOMER RISING: Laura Loomer Out-Fundraises RINO Career Politician Dan Webster in Congressional Primary Challenge

Banished journalist and U.S. House hopeful Laura Loomer has raised more funds than career politician Dan Webster in her hope to unseat him in Florida’s 11th U.S. Congressional District.

“We have continued to out-fundraise him all four fundraising quarters in a row, we have raised over $100,000 more money than he has, as a sitting incumbent with all the resources in the world available to him,” Loomer said at a meet and greet in the Continental Country Club to the Villages News.

The primary is set to take place on August 23, and Loomer is confident that the momentum is firmly on her side.

“The momentum and energy is definitely in support of my congressional campaign against RINO incumbent Daniel Webster,” Loomer said.

“I do believe the constituents in District 11 are hungry for new leadership and they want fighters, they don’t want any more career politician RINOs, and I do believe that people will turn out and vote for me on Aug. 23rd and elect me to be their next Congresswoman,” she added.

The most recent report from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) shows that Loomer raised $665,021 while her opponent Webster raised $552,103 through June 30. Loomer has received donations from $1,029 in comparison to Webster’s paltry donor base of 282. This is an indicator of how the grassroots is in the corner of Loomer, the people-powered anti-establishment candidate.

Big League Politics has reported on Loomer’s tremendous support from the populist, America First base of the Republican Party:

Laura Loomer, a right wing candidate running for Florida’s congressional 11th district, received a strong endorsement from Republicans for National Renewal  on March 26, 2022.

“Laura Loomer has paid a steep price for standing for freedom. She has been deplatformed, unpersoned, banished and dehumanized by the fake news. Still, she cannot be stopped, commanding a substantive national following in her tireless pursuit to bring accountability to Big Tech and the GOP establishment. Republicans for National Renewal is proud to give Laura Loomer our endorsement in Florida’s 11th congressional district,” declared Mark Ivanyo, the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal.

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