Los Angeles Continues Going Soft on Crime After Discussion of Plans to Gut the LA County DA Hardcore Gang Unit

According to a report by Fox LA, LA County District Attorney Jorge Gascón has plans to scrap or significantly downsize LA County’s DA Hardcore Gang unit.

This would in effect drastically change the way LA prosecutes gang-related crimes. Gascón is a controversial figure due to his lax approach on policing that has brought him significant negative attention.

According to FOX 11 reporter Bill Melugin, Gasón’s reforms could end up being carried out as early as April. 

The Hardcore Gang unit is one of the oldest gang units in the D.A.’s office and it’s generally tasked with prosecuting some of the more violent gang-related crimines in the county.

Speaking under the condition anonymity, two LA County Deputy DAs in the Hardcore Gang unit told FOX 11 that Gascón is working to abolish or substantially scale down the unit.

“What we’re hearing is that the Hardcore Gang Unit will be dissolved,” one of the prosecutors stated.

“My understanding is there’s going to be a dissolution of the unit either April 1 or April 2,” the second prosecutor guessed.

The prosecutors believe that Gascón is making their job more difficult based on his previous move to prohibit them from using gang and gun enhancements. In their view, scrapping the unit does not augur well for LA, due to the fact that the city is already experiencing a violent rise in crime. 

“We can already hear in jail calls and interviews with officers on the street telling us that the gang members are laughing at them, I mean it’s undermined the credibility of law enforcement in its entirety,” one of the prosecutors informed FOX 11.

The prosecutors argue that the potential abolition of Hardcore Gang unit could result in massive harm to marginalized groups.

The misnomer with my cases, because I do all gang violence cases, gang murder particularly, is that all of my victims are rival gang members, and that’s not true. They miss their targets and they get their enemies wrong fully because of the way they look, whether that’s a Hispanic male with a shaved head or a Black male standing on the corner at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Whether Gascn’s new plan goes through, we are yet again reminded of how nasty LA and the rest of California, for that matter, have become. On top of being hostile to gun owners, California and its major cities are beginning to embrace some of the most pro-criminal policies in recent memory. Not a good combo for public safety.

Add in high taxes and heavy regulations, and you can see why people are fleeing California in droves for greener pastures. Hopefully, these refugees don’t brick the same politics that turned their state of origin into a dumpster fire with them.

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