Los Angeles County Sheriff Calls On LeBron James to Match Reward Money For Suspect Who Shot Two Deputies in the Head

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva is challenging LeBron James to match the current reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect who was caught on camera shooting two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies in the head.

Villaneuva made the appeal during an appearance on KABC radio, citing James’ stringent support of the Black Lives Matter riots and his criticism of law enforcement. The existing reward for the shooting suspect is $175,000, a sum the incredibly wealthy multimillionaire can easily afford to match.

This challenge is to Lebron James. I want you to match that and double that reward,” Villanueva said. “I know you care about law enforcement. You expressed a very interesting statement about your perspective on race relations and on officer-involved shootings and the impact that it has on the African-American community.

And I appreciated that,” he continued. “But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across all professions.

The two deputies were shot in the head in an ambush attack in Los Angeles, with footage revealing the premeditated crime.


If James takes up on the Sheriff’s offer, he’ll have proven that he’s a responsible and caring member of the community. If not, many will be forced to conclude that he doesn’t care much about the lives of law enforcement, and instead reserves his sympathies for career criminals and sex offenders who happen to find themselves(usually through action of their own) on the wrong side of the law.

James hasn’t responded to the request as of Tuesday morning. “Let’s see what he does,” the sheriff said. “I’ll be very curious to see what his response is, if any.

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