Los Angeles Police Department Records Troubling Rise in Incidents of Armed Robberies

On September 20, 2022, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore announced that there was a “troubling” 52% increase in armed robberies compared to 2019. Per the LAPD’s report, robberies increased by 17% compared to the same period in 2021. 

“Robberies are consistently a challenge” for LAPD, Moore declared at a meeting with the Los Angeles Police Commission.

Earlier in September, LAPD had to take on two different incidents involving armed suspects, Moore recounted.

Jamie Joseph of The Epoch Times recounted one high profile incident LAPD had to handle that involved an armed suspect:

‘On Sept. 20, officers attempted to stop a suspect who they believed was driving a stolen vehicle when the suspect purposely drove off Harbor Freeway and into a homeless encampment. The suspect fired in the direction of officers before being detained successfully without officers firing back.’

Moore said officers are now searching the area to recover the firearm used by the suspect.

The day before this shooting incident took place, Moore claimed that officers arrived at a shooting incident that transpired between Broadway Street and Olympic Boulevard. Once the dust settled from the incident, four individuals were arrested and one handgun was found after the incident occurred.

“The incidences of officers rolling into or coming upon instances of gun violence have increased. … [T]here are many more guns in the streets today than in years past,” Moore stated.

Curiously, homicide rates have been relatively consistent with the rates of 2021, per LAPD reports. In August, 35 homicides occurred. In September of 2021, there were 34 recorded homicides. 

One of the most prominent homicides was that of rapper PnB Rock, who was fatally shot during a restaurant robbery in South LA. 

Joseph observed the following about the rapper:

Before his death, the rapper said during a podcast interview that robberies in Los Angeles had become “so common” that it’s essentially become acceptable. The Philadelphia native also revealed he had never been robbed before.

What’s taking place in LA is a common scene in American cities nationwide. BLP has previously reported that cities such as New Orleans are on pace to hit record-breaking murder records. 

America has a clear law & order problem in many of its major cities. And it’s the product of progressive criminal justice policies. America First nationalist can make a splash by putting forward coherent campaigns at the local level centered on law & order.

Countless Americans are craving for leadership that brutally cracks down on crime.

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