Los Angeles Schools Push Back Vaccine Mandate Amid Mass Non-Compliance

The Los Angeles Unified School District is delaying its student vaccine mandate to fall 2022, after threatening to force unvaccinated students from the school system and place them in online learning alternatives.

The school board had tried to implement the mandate by January 10th of 2022, but with as many as 30,000 older public school students still not vaccinated, the board pushed back the mandate in a recognition of the impracticality of the two-tiered system.

Employees of the Los Angeles school district are already subject to a vaccine mandate, and the board voted to fire 496 personnel who have declined to get the vaccine.

The Los Angeles Unified School District had already lost as many as 40,000 students during 2021, with proponents of pushing back the vaccine mandating arguing that 30,000 more would destabilize the system even further. 87% of LAUSD students were already partially or fully vaccinated by the time the LAUSD board voted to push back the mandate on December 15th. Los Angeles Superintendent Megan Reilly made the frank admission that the school system would face serious repercussions if it purged 70,000 students in one year, with parents already growing increasingly skeptical of public schooling systems.

Digital learning programs implemented as alternatives to real schooling across the country in the midst of the 2020 pandemic have been shown to be insufficient to in-person instruction, with youth developing asocial tendencies and mental health problems as a result of the isolation from their peers and real-world stimulation.

Science indicates that children younger than 18 stand little to no chance of incurring a severe infection of the coronavirus or dying from the disease. Some have argued that the coronavirus vaccines, which are highly effective at preventing severe illness and death in older populations, aren’t needed to protect the health of young persons with strong immune systems.

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