Los Angeles Sheriff: Buying Guns A “Bad Idea” During Coronavirus Epidemic

The Sheriff of Los Angeles County is discouraging citizens of his county from buying guns during the coronavirus epidemic.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva made the remarks during a press conference earlier this week, pointing out a surge in gun sales as a potential threat during the nation epidemic. The Democrat Sheriff pushed back against the idea of purchasing firearms in surprising forceful terms, especially considering he’s bound to protect the constitutional Second Amendment rights of all citizens in his jurisdiction.

Buying guns is a bad idea. You have a lot of people now who are at home, normally they’re not, cabin fever sets in, you got a crowded environment, weapons are not a good mix.”

Villanueva’s description of Los Angeles residents as innately prone to gun violence on the mere basis of being cooped up at home in isolation is quite a low view to his constituents, to put it lightly.

Villanueva is also releasing incarcerated criminals from county jails, citing a threat to the inmates from the virus in confinement. Other municipalities such as New York City have enacted a coronavirus jailbreak. Sheriff Villanueva is also ordering his deputies to cease arresting suspects for a litany of supposed minor crimes, and the agency has already reduced it average number of daily arrests from 300 to 60.

There’s nothing like releasing convicted criminals from the jails while discouraging law-abiding citizens from purchasing guns to instill confidence in local law enforcement among the general public. If you fear the epidemic will damage the system of law and order in Democrat-controlled municipalities such as Los Angeles, have no fear- the anti-gun sheriff’s priorities are laser focused upon where they need to be

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