Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Admits Claims of Being Shot Were Fabricated

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy has admitted he lied about an incident in which he claimed to have been shot from an open window in an apartment complex.

Angel Reinosa totally fabricated the shooting. He admitted to investigators that the claim was a hoax on Saturday, concocted because he had recently received unfavorable performance reviews related to his performance as a law enforcement officer.

Reinosa claimed he was fired at from an apartment building while standing in a Lancaster parking lot on Wednesday. First responders became suspicious of his story when he arrived at an emergency without any visible gunshot wound. He later admitted to investigators that he poked a hole in his uniform with a knife.

In a Saturday night news conference, Captain Kent Wegener made it clear that “there was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to his shoulder — completely fabricated.

Reinosa’s hoax set off a lengthy and complicated law enforcement operation hoping to catch the window shooter, who never even existed. The residents of a four-story apartment building were hassled and treated as criminals as cops searched for a supposed sniper.

In an embarrassing development for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, they tweeted about detaining two individuals for “being uncooperative” during the search for the fake shooter.

Cops also seized someone’s pellet rifle in a laughable attempt to find the “sniper’s” rifle.

The agency now owes a sincere apology to the individuals it placed in custody, all on the basis of an elaborate hoax created by a deputy seeking to play the victim.

Reinosa has given law enforcement officers who obey their oath to serve the public a bad name. He’s been relieved of his duties, and it’s likely he’ll soon face criminal charges for his hoax.

Should gun control and “red flag” gun confiscation measures be enacted by the state of California, corrupt hoaxsters like Angel Reinosa will be given arbitrary power to unlawfully seize the legally owned firearms of American patriots.

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