LOSER: Erick Erickson Reveals Never Swamp Plots to Undermine Trump

Reliable Never Trumper Erick Erickson has confirmed the suspicions of many America Firsters— Conservative establishment operatives behind the scenes are working to undermine President Donald Trump.

In a tweet on April 15, 2019,  Erickson derided the idea that the GOP is the “Party of Trump”.


Instead he believes “most of the major people behind the scenes running the party and its election strategies still greatly dislike the man and, when he is gone, will work to take it all back, leading to bigger fights.”

This makes sense when considering the Trump administration’s recent foreign policy moves, which have seen neoconservative officials like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo take more hawkish approaches to countries like North Korea and Venezuela.

This is of course makes Erickson happy, who has routinely been a cheerleader for Republicans who support the military-industrial complex and interventionism abroad like Ben Sasse. However, when it comes to protecting the U.S. border, Erickson has fallen in line with the Swamp establishment. BLP reported on a piece published on Erickson’s site scoffing at Trump’s wall plan a few months ago saying that it wouldn’t work to protect the southern border.

Despite Erickson’s hand-wringing, GOP voters couldn’t care less about what Swamp operatives and members of the commentator class like Erickson have to say. They are firmly behind President Trump’s America First agenda as evidenced by a BLP article highlighting how the overwhelming majority of GOP voters place immigration as their number #1 issue for the 2020 elections.

Erickson can continue to complain about Trump, but this latest tweet shows that Trump has enemies both on the Left and on the Right.

The latter should worry any America Firster since they will likely undermine Trump behind the scenes.






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