Loser Republican Obsesses Over Condemning QAnon While Democrats are Free to Peddle the Russiagate Hoax and Let Radical Leftist Groups Roam the Streets

Several Congressmen are going to war with the QAnon conspiracy theory.

On August 25, 2020, Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman and Democrat Congressman Tom Malinowski introduce a resolution to condemn the conspiracy movement and demand that law enforcement crack down on criminal activity that its supporters carry out.

Riggleman tweeted “QAnon and the conspiracy theories it promotes are a danger and a threat that has no place in our country’s politics. I condemn this movement and urge all Americans to join me in taking this step to exclude them and other extreme conspiracy theories from the national discourse. https://twitter.com/Malinowski/status/1298270725795508228.”

The resolution describes QAnon as one of the “fringe political conspiracy theories” that authorities believe is likely to incite violence.

With several Republican candidates who have allegedly supported QAnon in the past now potentially making their way to Congress, establishment gatekeepers in both parties are becoming jittery.

Whether or not such conspiracies have validity is for curious Americans to decide through their own investigation.

The real question we should be asking is why a Republican like Riggleman is wasting his time trying to introduce a resolution with a Democrat?

After all, this is a time when there’s an existential threat of radical leftists tearing up the streets across the nation. This merits a full-fledged response from the GOP. Focusing on anything else is a complete waste of time and political capital.

Riggleman’s inability to get Democrats to condemn radical leftist groups such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter, let alone make apologies for spreading the Russiagate hoax —one of the most toxic conspiracies that has ripped the country apart — is one of the many reasons he got the boot during the primary for Virginia’s 5th congressional district.

Now, he’s likely going to be replaced by Bob Good, a true America First conservative that likely won’t turn to silly virtue signaling to appease journalists and party leadership.

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