LOSERS: Clueless Liberals Sue Wrong Organization in Attempted Lawfare Against Proud Boys

Civil rights attorney and Black Lives Matter activist Kristen Clarke has announced a lawsuit against the Proud Boys for demonstrating their 1st Amendment rights in Washington D.C. last month.

Clarke has filed a suit on behalf of the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church against the Proud Boys, hoping to punish the group for seizing and burning a Black Lives Matter banner. There is only one problem: They’re suing a group that has nothing to do with the rising fraternal organization.

Clarke is suing Proud Boys International, LLC, which was founded by Jason L. Van Dyke in 2018. The Proud Boys have cut off all ties with Van Dyke and have not been in official contact with him for many months.

Part of the lawsuit can be seen here:

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. Big League Politics reached out to Tarrio to get his take on what he thinks about how the left-wing attorneys foolishly erred and sued the wrong organization, but we could not get in touch with him. There are reports that Tarrio may have been arrested.

Tarrio took full responsibility after members of the Proud Boys seized a Black Lives Matter banner and burned it in a show of disgust against the anti-American, marxist terror movement during a demonstration last month:

Big League Politics has reported on how the Proud Boys have been demonized relentlessly by the fake news media for being one of the only groups willing to fight for Western Civilization:

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes is blasting the fake news media after a series of hit pieces have attempted to blame the pro-Western fraternal group for creating Nazis.

Two articles recently published by Vice – For Some, Joining the Proud Boys Was a Stop on the Way to Neo-Nazi Terror and A Proud Boys Lawyer Wanted to Be a Nazi Terrorist – used the private chat messages of individuals who were blacklisted by the Proud Boys for their extremist beliefs as proof that the organization incubates the beliefs that they explicitly reject.

In one of the hit pieces, Vice profiled former Proud Boys lawyer Jason Lee Van Dyke, who has been disavowed by the group for years. Vice noted that Van Dyke “accused McInnes of creating the group solely “to make money” while being “not willing to do anything” violent” before becoming affiliated with more dangerous groups in their biased article.

In another hit piece, Vice profiled individuals who were booted from the Proud Boys due to their radicalism. Even though the Proud Boys explicitly reject their extreme beliefs, Vice said the Proud Boys “attracted eventual members of a more staunchly terroristic organization with a penchant for the tenets of the Third Reich.” Vice added that “affiliation with the Proud Boys was an entry point into a wider fascist ecosystem” for these rejects and claimed that “some Proud Boys have taken on the aesthetics of the far-right.”

McInnes spoke to Big League Politics in order to dispel Vice’s propaganda. He noted that Vice published the lie that the Proud Boys were called an extremist group by the FBI, which even the Washington Post has dispelled. McInnes believes that the fake news media is radicalizing people while the Proud Boys give them a better path.

“These radical leftist journalists keep searching for reasons guys snap and go full on domestic terrorist but it’s them. THEY are the catalyst. Constantly calling innocent men Nazis and blaming them for the world’s problems and saying their history is shameful often turns a man into the very monster he’s accused of being,” he explained.

“Proud Boys do the opposite. We rescue patriots and show them they can be proud without succumbing to radical politics. If journalist activists are looking for the bad guy, they need only look in the mirror,” McInnes added.

McInnes stated that the lies of the fake news can radicalize people on the Left as well. In addition to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution, one domestic terrorist used leftist smear merchants as a justification for a terrorist attack against conservative Christians.

“Just like the Southern Poverty Law Center calling the Family Research Council a hate group and getting a man shot, they create hate where there is none and it’s dangerous,” McInnes said.

“Why don’t they do any other “hate?” What about the Aryan Nations? What about the anti-Semitism of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? What about the Black Hebrew Israelites murdering Jews all over NY and NJ? The BHI started that thing with the Covington Catholic School kids but the media edited them out,” he added.

If their righteous cause is successful, the Proud Boys will be considered the heirs to the Minutemen for their willingness to stand and fight when most fell to extreme cowardice.

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