Lou Dobbs Breaks Down Why The Republican Party MUST Stand With Donald Trump

Fox News host Lou Dobbs explained why national Republicans must stand resolutely in support of Donald Trump, as the President’s legal team litigates allegations of widespread voter fraud to contest the pending results of the November election. Dobbs spoke in a segment with Fox News’s Jesse Waters on Saturday.

Establishment Republicans such as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney have urged conservatives to give up and move on, opening the gates for what they hope will be a globalist liberal renaissance in the GOP.


Dobbs explained why the Trump agenda represents the only path forward for Republicans, citing the President’s unprecedented political and policy successes since entering office.

The Republicans have to stand with this president… Or the Republican Party is watching its funeral procession.

If the radical Dems and the deep state were to get away with this… What in hell would they not do to this country? To law abiding citizens, the Republican Party- not well known for its courage and forthrightness in defense of the working man and woman before Donald Trump was voted into office and this movement began.

This is no longer the party of Republican country clubs and big corporations. The Republican Party is now the party of working men and women, the middle class, and all who inspire to it.”

Dobbs explained that the Republican Party is now bound to the merits of the Trump agenda, and that reversing on pro-worker trade policies, immigration restriction, and America First foreign policy would represent a disaster for the party.

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