Louie Gohmert: I Think Trump Is Prepared To Shut Down The Government

President Donald Trump might have support in Congress if he chooses to shut down the government, which his associates are threatening to do as congressional leaders still try to block funding for Trump’s border wall. Gohmert thinks Trump should get more than $5 billion for the wall.

The budgetary allocation process in Washington is historically corrupt, and it seems like Trump is just going to have to get it funded through Congress. (READ: House Republicans Have Secret Process For Getting Around Paul Ryan’s Earmark Ban).

So will he shut down the government?

“The least we can do” is get the wall funded “on the way out” of the GOP majority, Gohmert said. He said he has that hope, which springs eternal in the human breast, that President Trump will be able to build the wall.

Here is Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert on why it is so necessary to Build the Wall:

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